Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

Kit Kay Chunky. Just a normal one. With all the buzz of eating the different flavoured Kit Kat Chunkys a few months ago, (and I’m still unhappy about the fact that the Peanut Butter one won,) I completely forgot about the normal one. It is just a single chunky bar of normal kit kat. This […]


A white chocolate Kit Kat? Before I opened it, I imagined the Kit Kat Chunky White Choc to be quite sickly. White chocolate is always lovely until you combine it with other things, at which point I stop liking it. This, however, is something special. I could eat this again and again. (Not the same […]

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First off, for Chunky Kit Kat Week, is the Double Choc. The Kit Kat Chunky Double Choc, (bit of a mouthful in both literal and name terms,) is just a normal chunky Kit Kat with added chocolate filling on the inside, at the top. It is very nice and the chocolate paste made a nice […]


Rooooaaaarrrrr! The mighty Lion Bar is a supersized treat! It has everything any good chocolate bar had – caramel, wafer, chocolate… And with so many calories, for the price of any other chocolate bar, it is a genuine bargain! You’d have to buy 3 Flytes to get that many calories! For that reason alone, Lion […]


A Big Race?!? How FUN!!! The Big Race bar is another version of the Spots vs Stripes bar (not yet reviewed on here but widely available.) It is supposed to inspire people to become competitive by picking a side (spots or stripes) and compete in mini competitions. On the inside of each wrapper is a […]

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The Milky Wafer is a treat I found in Poundstretcher. It is, by far, the longest snack I’ve eaten to date. At 25cm, it’s HUGE! In fact, it’s the same length as two of my Chocolate Nemesis bars combined. It wouldn’t surprise me if police often use them to control rioting crowds. It is crispy […]

Chewy, wafery and chocolatey… Yes, it’s the amazing Drifter. In my youth, the Drifter was my favourite chocolate bar. I didn’t used to like Twix’s as much as I do nowadays, and tended to prefer the chocolatey, chewiness of a Drifter. In my earlier days the Twix was too biscuity for me, and the Drifter […]