Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

Small, insignificant rolls of nothing. Imagine spending some money on a bar of chocolate, hoping it will fill that midmorning gap, but being left hungry as if you hadn’t eaten anything. That is the disappointing way that Milky Way Ameo left me. I’m still hungry, and 40p worse off! I’m sure all the posh ingredients […]

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Nestle Crunch. Dangerous when refrigerated. I’ve had this one in stock for a week or so. By “in stock”, I don’t mean submerged in the juices of a roasted chicken carcass, I mean on the chocolate shelf in my fridge. Because it had been “fridged” for so long, it had hardened. Not hardened to normal […]

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Galaxy Minstrels, from my Easter Egg. They are great. They are UFO shaped galaxy chocolate buttons, covered in a crispy shell. You get around 20 in a pack, which is a perfect amount. In the 80s the tagline for Minstrels was “They melt in your mouth, not in your hand.”. In the early 90s, Minstrels […]

The Daim bar, from Kraft. I used to really like these, when they were called Dime bars. Back in the day, they were quite exciting. They were a new, crunchy, chocolate-coated bar of excitement. They were advertised on telly by Harry Enfield and an armadillo. But I went off them. I precisely can’t remember why. […]

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My first Easter-related treat! These are great for nibbling on. Crunchy, sweet, very chocolatey and with 16 eggs in the tub it’s just the right size. Any more than 16 would have made them a bit sickly. I do like nibbly food in tubes. I like them because when you get bored of reaching into […]