Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

A Lolly treat! Im celebration of The Olympics, Cadburys have unleashed quite a few Olympic themed treats. This one, the Olympic Lolly, is a shaped chocolate figure on a stick. Thats pretty much it. As with many things that Cadburys seem to make, (Dairy Milk, Freddos, Flakes, Tasters, Wispas, Buttons, Chocolate Mascots, Easter Eggs,) it […]


Cadburys does great chocolate. The Twirl is a gorgeous mix of Cadburys milk chocolate and, well, air. It really is just airated milk chocolate, like a flake in a coat in effect. I do also like chocolate where you get two bars; it always feels as though you get more for your money and in […]

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It’s just Dairy Milk chocolate… They are very nice! You get quite a few in a pack, but I didn’t look to see if you get the equivalent weight as a Dairy Milk bar. I hope you do. It’d be a bit of a con if it cost the same but weighed less, just because […]


The Milka bar is gorgeous. Its just pure creamy chocolate. It is quite a thin bar of chocolate, maybe a bit thicker than a Twix bar but thinner than a Toffee Crisp, but MAN is it good! Seriously, it is seriously good chocolate. It is creamy, smooth, milky and very, very moreish. The Milka is […]


The Cadburys Wispa is just chocolate. a href=””> But it doesn’t taste like “just” chocolate. It tastes like…. fluffyness. It is almost as though it has been so thoroughly whipped, it no longer remembers what it should taste like. In fact, Wispas taste cold. It’s that light, it actually tastes cold. I hope that makes […]


Peeeehhhh-pah PIG! *oink oink* It’s a milk chocolate oval, on a stick. My first thought was that it tastes like “Calendar chocolate,” that ridiculously sweet treat you get in virtually all character calendars at Christmas. I checked and it is the very same Kinnerton chocolate in both. It’s not the kind if thing I wanted […]

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Dairy Milk Chocos. Almost fun. Chocos are Cadburys new, exciting, fun chocolates!!! It’s Dairy Milk chocolate, BUT…. (and here is the FUN part) …. they are shaped like Rolos! And with no filling. They’re just individual pieces of Dairy Milk, in a tube. It’s a little hard to add much more description than this, as […]

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The Kinder Bueno is a relative newcomer to the chocolate scene. It’s a little weird. Firstly, it’s one of the only chocolate bars that has inner wrapping. You open the pack, and… So near, yet so far. So, having finally reached chocolate… It’s a little too heavy on filling for me. I’d say it’s around […]

I don’t like peanuts, so I wasn’t looking forward to eating this. I have to admit it; even though the Starbar contains nuts, it isn’t all that bad. It has that indirect nut taste. The one where you can’t taste them when you’re chewing, but you can taste it as you breathe out after eating […]

Awwww! Ickle lamb! This is basically a smaller than usual Aero, shaped like a lamb. No frills, no bells and whistles, just a smiling chocolate lamb. At least, it WAS smiling until I bit it’s head. Then it began to frown. Overall it’s a great novelty-shaped item, but it wasn’t big enough to satisfy the […]

The Galaxy Ripple is a thing of beauty. It is a thin, (but by no means disappointingly thin,) bar of chocolate. I suppose the best description would be to liken it to a flake in a chocolate case. It’s so silky, so tasty and so smooth that it really is luxorious. In fact, the above […]

Chewy, wafery and chocolatey… Yes, it’s the amazing Drifter. In my youth, the Drifter was my favourite chocolate bar. I didn’t used to like Twix’s as much as I do nowadays, and tended to prefer the chocolatey, chewiness of a Drifter. In my earlier days the Twix was too biscuity for me, and the Drifter […]

My wife asked if I’d like anything from the local shop. I asked if she could get me “something chocolatey.”. She didn’t disappoint! The Aero Caramel is a lovely, smooth delight. It’s the width of a tube of smarties, and has alternating layers of bubbles and caramel. Absolutely delicious, and my only complaint is it […]