Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

This isn’t a runny caramel, as you would normally think of caramel, but a soft paste that tastes like mild coffee. Not a bitter Starbucks coffee, or a good quality Douwe Egberts coffee, but a cup of Mellow Birds coffee. Without chickory. As I’ve mentioned previously, a good chocolate bar should take no more than […]

Chewy, wafery and chocolatey… Yes, it’s the amazing Drifter. In my youth, the Drifter was my favourite chocolate bar. I didn’t used to like Twix’s as much as I do nowadays, and tended to prefer the chocolatey, chewiness of a Drifter. In my earlier days the Twix was too biscuity for me, and the Drifter […]

My wife asked if I’d like anything from the local shop. I asked if she could get me “something chocolatey.”. She didn’t disappoint! The Aero Caramel is a lovely, smooth delight. It’s the width of a tube of smarties, and has alternating layers of bubbles and caramel. Absolutely delicious, and my only complaint is it […]