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Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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Two fingers of de-lishness! Years ago there was Cadburys Caramel. It was a six segment bar of chocolate, produced by Cadburys and advertised by a rabbit. Each section contained a caramel filling. The people who make Galaxy, (that would be the people at Mars,) obviously wanted a piece of the caramel action and had to […]

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Nibbles? Caramel? I like BOTH of those! I didn’t know what to expect when I got a packet of Caramel Nibbles. The picture wasn’t too clear. Would they be individual sections of Cadburys Caramel like you get in Cadburys Heroes? Would they be randomly shaped blobs of chocolate with a saramel filling? Surprisingly, they were […]


The Wispa Gold! Nice, and back for good! The Wispa Gold was originally launched in 1995, but discontinued. Then it was re-launched in 2009, but discontinued in 2010. But now it is BACK! Again! Hoorah!!!! I kept my Wispa Gold in the fridge for a few days before temptation kicked in. I finally buckled and […]


It’s a wiggly chocolatey world of fun. The Curly Wurly is a childhood favourite of mine. When I was young, they were 10p and huge. The chocolate strands, (were they the “Curly” part or the “Wurly” part? I never was sure,) used to be quite random. You would get sections that were a little sparse […]


Chunky AND tasty. I always assume Caramel things will have runny caramel in them because, to me, caramel should be a liquid. But the Chunky Kit Kat Caramel is another of those bars that defys (my) logic. It tastes VERY nice and VERY caramelly, but it is a solid caramel with not a hint of […]


Ooooosh! This is great! I wasn’t a fan of the original Mars bar, unless it was sliced up into bite-sized pieces. But this, THIS is a whole new experience that I genuinely like! It is so chocolately, it can be excused for having no “crunch” to it. It isn’t just chocolate, it is TRIPLE CHOCOLATE! […]

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Mars’s signature bar. I’m not keen on Mars bars. Well, not in their default “chocolate bar” state. They are too similar to Milky Ways, another chocolate bar I don’t particularly like. I like chocolate and I like caramel, so technically I like 66% of the ingredients, but I prefer bars that have some form of […]

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Riesen is one of those strange treats that I don’t think I like, but I do. Inside a pack of Riesen you get 5 individual square chocolates. They are a chocolate coated caramel blocks. The reason I don’t think I like them is because the chocolate is dark chocolate, not milk. But I do like […]


Rooooaaaarrrrr! The mighty Lion Bar is a supersized treat! It has everything any good chocolate bar had – caramel, wafer, chocolate… And with so many calories, for the price of any other chocolate bar, it is a genuine bargain! You’d have to buy 3 Flytes to get that many calories! For that reason alone, Lion […]


Man alive, this has a LOT of peanuts! A few weeks ago I finally ate a Snickers bar. I had never eaten one before, and hadn’t even eaten a Marathon before that. I just knew that I didn’t like peanuts in chocolate and that was enough to convince me I didn’t like them. How wrong […]


The Twix. Genius. One thing that bothered me a few years ago was this: If a two-finger pack is called a Twix, surely a single-finger should be called a Twick. I emailed Mars, who replied promptly stating that the correct term for a single-finger WAS a Twix bar, and the two-finger pack should actually be […]


I thought this would be sickly, but it was ace! I’m glad to say that my initial prediction about the Kit Kat Senses bar was wrong. I hypothesised that, because it was a comparatively small bar and cost a comparatively high price, it would be overly sweet and overpowering in taste. But it wasn’t. It […]

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I’d give my last Rolo to me. Rolos are individual pieces of chocolate, a bit like Dairy Milk Chocos, but with a caramel filling, very much unlike Dairy Milk Chocos. The adverts used to centre around giving your last Rolo to a loved one, with the tagline “Do you love anyone enough to give them […]

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Take it easy, with Cadburys Caramel. And a rabbit. I thought the most appropriate place to eat a chocolate rabbit would be a field, and so I bring you this review live from a huge area of grass. It only occurred to me after I arrived how insensitive this may actually be. Imagine taking a […]

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Galaxy Bites. The new things in shops! Galaxy, or more accurately Mars, is responsible for some of my favourite chocolate. Galaxy Ripple is a heavenly delight, and Minstrels (the original “Melt In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand” tagline owner,) are a great treat too. So what do Galaxy Bites have to offer? Well….. Chocolate […]

The Galaxy Caramel Egg is a weird thing. I like Galaxy chocolate and I like caramel. Technically, this should be something I really like. But it’s shaped like an egg, making it impossible to grip. I know the shape of chocolate shouldn’t affect how it tastes, but it’s such a genuinely awkward thing to hold […]

Cadbury Caramel is a deliciously smooth treat. It is six sections of caramel-filed Cadburys chocolate. They are not “chunks” as such, but more individual smooth domes of caramel filling. It used to be advertised on TV by a lady rabbit sat under a tree, who used to talk to a boy rabbit. She used to […]

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I’m not sure what Caramac actually tastes like. I mean, it’s good, but what is it? It isn’t a chocolate bar as it doesn’t contain coacoa. It isn’t strictly caramel because it’s solid. Whatever it is, it’s great. It’s creamy and yum, and quite unique. It took around 3 minutes to slowly eat, and I […]