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Caramel Nibbles
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Nibbles? Caramel? I like BOTH of those!


I didn’t know what to expect when I got a packet of Caramel Nibbles. The picture wasn’t too clear. Would they be individual sections of Cadburys Caramel like you get in Cadburys Heroes? Would they be randomly shaped blobs of chocolate with a saramel filling?

Surprisingly, they were actually the same shape as Cadburys Buttons, but with a thin layer of Cadburys Caramel in each one.

Very, very nice, people of Cadburys!

In a normal Caramel bar you get 6 chunks, each filled with delicious caramel. If you like them you may be thinking that these new Nibbles may not contain enough caramel to make them tasty. I can confirm, however, that they do taste very much of caramel aceness. I really like them.

It won’t take you long to eat a full pack, but do give them a go as they are deeeee-lish!

Choc Rating : 8 / 10

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