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Curly Wurly
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It’s a wiggly chocolatey world of fun.


The Curly Wurly is a childhood favourite of mine. When I was young, they were 10p and huge. The chocolate strands, (were they the “Curly” part or the “Wurly” part? I never was sure,) used to be quite random. You would get sections that were a little sparse and intense sections that had loads of caramel.

Nowadays, they are 27p, much smaller and far less random. They now consist of 3 precise strands of caramel that are almost plaited, coated in chocolate.


It is a great fun bar, but I would warn all eaters of such confection to use some form of napkin, because as soon as you stretch the caramel, you will shower your lap with shards of chocolate.

Marvellous that they still sell them, but a little disappointing that they are so “machined” nowadays, as opposed to the random way they used to be.

Choc Rating : 8 / 10

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