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Screme Egg
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My eggy nemesis returns for round 2.


I reviewed a Creme Egg a few months back. I didn’t like it because it attacked me.

I haven’t liked Creme Eggs since, in my youth, I ate 3 in quick succession and was sick. Not just sick, but SICK. Sick on such a grand scale that the teachers at my primary school referred to it as “The Big Foam Event.”

So imagine my joy when my friend Claire suggested I try their new incarnation, the Screme Egg. Its a Creme Egg but, in a Halloween theme, the insides are green.


It all started well.


It has a big star across it’s middle.


The insides are, as ever, pure gooey sugar.


The further down I ate, the more it cried.


Good lord, it really is green!

This is the second Cadburys Egg I’ve eaten in 2 months. The first one attacked me, spreading it’s gooey mess all over my fingers. I didn’t like it partly because of the attack, partly because it tasted of pure sugar and partly because it reminded me of illness.

But this Screme Egg is…. not bad! Maybe I’m over my childhood fear after recently eating 2, maybe the green made it more fun, I really don’t know.

It isn’t my favourite treat by a long shot, but it was tolerable.

Choc Rating : 3 / 10

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