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Mars Triple Chocolate
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Ooooosh! This is great!


I wasn’t a fan of the original Mars bar, unless it was sliced up into bite-sized pieces. But this, THIS is a whole new experience that I genuinely like!

It is so chocolately, it can be excused for having no “crunch” to it.


It isn’t just chocolate, it is TRIPLE CHOCOLATE!


It just tastes so nice, like a drink of creamy hot chocolate does, but without all that cup-and-boiling-water nonsense. Cool, yet smooth and very tasty.

If this had been how Mars bars had been since the start of my chocolate addiction many years ago, I suspect the Twix may not have had a look in!

Well done Mars, you’ve redeemed yourself with a lovely new treat.

Choc Rating ; 9 / 10

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