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Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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Riesen is one of those strange treats that I don’t think I like, but I do.


Inside a pack of Riesen you get 5 individual square chocolates. They are a chocolate coated caramel blocks. The reason I don’t think I like them is because the chocolate is dark chocolate, not milk.

But I do like them.

I like they that much that I can finish off a pack of them in one 6 minute sitting.

I’ll buy some and eat them, but then I won’t see them in shops for a while and I’ll forget about them for a few months. I’ll move on to other things. Then later in the year I’ll see them again and forget how good they are.

Its a vicious cycle of not liking / liking them.

For now, having eaten a pack, they’re great.

Choc rating : 8 / 10

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