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Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
Milky Way Ameo
Categories: Chocolate Bar, Mars

Small, insignificant rolls of nothing.


Imagine spending some money on a bar of chocolate, hoping it will fill that midmorning gap, but being left hungry as if you hadn’t eaten anything.

That is the disappointing way that Milky Way Ameo left me. I’m still hungry, and 40p worse off!

I’m sure all the posh ingredients are worth the money, (chocolate, crunchy biscuit, cream filling,) but they are such small rolls with such little substance to them, you might as well lick some postage stamps. You may end up slightly fuller too.


Maybe in another language “Ameo” means “Pseudo”, as it isn’t a “treat” by any definition.

If anything it is a mystery not a treat as, with the emptiness that remains, you can’t be sure you’ve eaten one.

Choc Rating : 1 / 10

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