Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
Milky Way

The red car and the blue car had a race…


…unfortunately the Red Car and the Blue Car were racing towards something horrific.

When I was young, Milky Ways were a single, chunky bar. Nowadays you get two more slender bars per pack.

I don’t really like Milky Ways. I don’t like things that attach themselves to your teeth, like the Milky Way filling. It just has no substance.

It is like a cooled milky hot chocolate drink, without the heat or liquidity. I know that makes little sense, but its the best way I can describe it.

Actually, “too much goo” might be a better description. It is a thinly coated block of “too much goo”

What is it with the whole “making chocolate narrower but splitting it into two bars” thing? Bounty does it, Milky Way does it. Admittedly there are a few chocolate bars that have two sections to them that are ace, (Twix and Drifter,) but they have ALWAYS had two bars to them. I’m only against the ones that used to be one bar but have recently changed their arrangement.

No, Milky Way. I didn’t like you before and, despite your new slender appearance, I still don’t like you.

Choc Rating : 3 / 10

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  1. David Graham says:

    I’m sure I remember them being bigger in the original single bars too – most chocolate seems to be smaller than it used to (although I’m sure it’s more a case of me getting bigger and the chocolate staying the same size!)

    I believe Bounty bars were always two-bars in the pack and never a single one. They also came in red and blue versions (red being dark chocolate). But this whole paragraph is off-topic now… :)

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