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Flake Allure
Categories: Cadburys, Chocolate Bar

The Flake Allure – Cadburys latest piece of yum.


This is quite a special bar of chocolate. It is a huge improvement on the Flake.

If you remember, my issue with the Flake was that it was crumbly. You’d expect a Flake to be, well, flakey. But it was more crumble than flake.

The Flake Allure, however, corrects the main flaw of its elder relative by holding all the crumbliness in. It has adopted a smooth chocolate outer casing which acts as a thin chocolate wall, holding the flakey goodness in place. As the packaging says, the chocolate is half enrobed in rich truffle.



Taste-wise, this is also an improvement on the conventional Flake as the addition of the truffle coating gives this bar much more depth.

I don’t know if this is a special edition, limited edition or a permanent fixture in the chocolate aisle, but I do recommend you get one to try.

It is proper delish!

Choc Rating : 9 / 10

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