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Final Preparations
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I paid a fleeting visit to the sweet aisle of a nearby petrol station yesterday. I don’t mind saying I was a little worried by the amount confectionary on display. A few weeks ago I made a list of things I intended to eat, but seeing all the chocolate in real life was slightly daunting.


It’s, like, a full aisle! Whats all that about?!?

At this moment in time, I’m so glad I didn’t set a deadline by which I had to have eaten one of everything. Judging by the amount of confectionary in this one shop, any deadline I could have given, be it later this year or by the end of 2015, would have been slightly optimistic.

I didn’t measure the length of the chocolate section with any precise measuring tool, but it was 6 paces long.


Just try walking for 6 man-sized strides, and see how long that actually equates to. It’s fuge*!

As no chocolate companies have been able to support my challenge by supplying any freebies, I’d really appreciate it if you would all please show support by clicking the various adverts around the site, and earning me a small amount of money. It will cost you nothing to do, but each click may make me 5p. If every visitor does it, you’ll all be helping so much.

I’ll be starting this treat challenge next week.

*Fuge = a combination of “flippin’” and “huge”

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