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Big Race
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A Big Race?!? How FUN!!!


The Big Race bar is another version of the Spots vs Stripes bar (not yet reviewed on here but widely available.) It is supposed to inspire people to become competitive by picking a side (spots or stripes) and compete in mini competitions.

On the inside of each wrapper is a mini challenge that you and a friend can take part in. Mine was this…


Luckily, as I ate this bar alone and so was the only contestant, I won. However I would issue the following warning to others: If you’re taking part in imaginary hurdle leaping in a kitchen, stay away from the corners of tables.

The bar itself is like a huge Taxi (chocolate bar with wafer inside) but with the addition of spheres of crunchy biscuit on the top layer.

It is one of those bars that you could eat at any time, when you’re hungry but can’t make your mind up what you want to eat. Its a safe chocolate bar, like a Kit Kat.

Choc rating : 8 / 10

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