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Mr. Big
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Day 1 of International Chocolate week brings us the Mr. Big bar!


The Mr. Big bar, given to me by a Canadian friend Dave Langin, is just like a lion bar, but it’s the size of a truncheon. In fact, remember the Milky Wafer review I did? It is almost as long as that.


It also has one of the most succinct barcodes I’ve ever seen. Tiny!


Do they have so few products in Canada that their barcodes only need to contain 6 numbers?!?

As I said, it’s a huge Lion Bar. Well, ok, it isn’t actually a Lion Bar. It’s as close to a Nestle Lion Bar as Cadburys can legally get away with…

It also has kind-of a chewiness to the biscuit, like a Tunnocks biscuit (not yet reviewed) and darn tasty.

I have no idea if the Mr. Big is beneficial to my health or not, as the recommended daily things are in French-Canadian.


Really good, and if anyone wants to send me any from different places in the world, I’ll gladly eat them!

Choc Rating : 8 / 10

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