Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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Coconut is vile. Chocolate coated coconut is vilerer. It’s day 4 of Chocolate Nemesis week.


Its bitty, it tastes nasty and it gets stuck in your teeth. Not just your front teeth, but your back teeth. You’ll find little pieces of bounty filling will just appear at random times through the preceding hours after eating one, as they dislodge from your molars.

But I had to eat one………


I had a bite. My first impression is its awful. But it doesn’t TASTE like how I remember coconut tasting, it just tastes of lumps. Chewy shards of coconut-coloured woodchip-texture cack.


But, what was this? Why did it bend?


No! NOOOOOO! WHY put TWO in a pack! It isn’t a pair of Twix bars! I don’t want to eat ONE of these abominations, why on earth would I want to eat TWO?!? I hated EVERY bite of BOTH bars, and even tried to swallow the final piece whole, just so I didn’t have to chew.any more coconut.


The wrapper made a satisfying scrunch noise as I gripped it, clenching my fist and gritting my coconut-shard lined teeth.


I hate it.

Choc Rating : DNQ

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