Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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Day 3 of Chocolate Nemesis week. Pure sugar, anyone?


Eating a Boost usually takes me over an hour. It tastes like eating pure sugar, and I can’t take more than a single bite of it’s overpowering sweetness at a time. The filling is quite bitty, as though most of the sugar hasn’t been mixed in properly.


It contains that much sugar, it shouldn’t be called Boost, it should be called Fix. It delivers that sugar high that chocolate addicts crave. Although I like chocolate, I don’t crave it for the sugary-ness, more for the different textures, fillings and tastes.

Even the thought of eating a Boost makes me teeth hurt. Chocolate coated sugar cubes would be a step down from Boost.

The Boost is not for me, I’m afraid. It’s just far, FAR too…. saccharine-y

Choc Rating : DNQ

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