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Creme Egg
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To start Nemesis week, where I eat nothing but chocolate I loathe, we have the awful Creme Egg.


Man alive, I was SO not looking forward to this. The last time I experienced Creme Eggs was when I was about 6. I ate three consecutively and promptly vomited an eggy foam.

How are you supposed to get into them? I started by scraping my teeth on the top.


After about 20 scrapes, I finally reached the core.


I licked it. It tasted of pure sugar. I took a further bite.

It really is a horrendous piece of goo-filled toxicity. Within moments, the filling had developed a personality and decided to take over my hand.


I had to put it down to prevent its attempted domination of my limb.


Unfortunately, as the Creme Egg is, well, shaped like an egg, it isn’t possible to put it down safely. In trying to position it, it attacked again, but this time with much more vigor.


The next couple of minutes of eating were not a pretty sight. I had to resort to using a spoon in an attempt to save my hands from its eggy wrath.


Creme Egg, and especially your filling created out of the stuff in my worst nightmares, I abhor you.

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2 Comments to “Creme Egg”

  1. ski says:

    you kid me, creme eggs rock! Eat the whole thing in one go to avoid all that mess. Best take the foil off first though as that really goes through you when you chew on it. Bit like chewing on a wool jumper. Be especially careful if you have fillings as you could end up with sparks flying around the inside of your cakehole if you chew the foil.

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  2. Hallmork says:

    Creme eggs are disgusting. I have eaten them twice in my life, and both times they revealed flaws in my teeth i didn’t know existed.

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