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I broke it
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Ok, so I broke EatTheTreat…


Over this last week, EatTheTreat got quite a large number of views. It ran sluggishly, and so I decided to move it onto another less populated server.

I copied all the posts across from the old server to the new one, along with all the photos, comments, categories, stats….. it took ages, but I ensured I had a backup of EVERYTHING!

When I tested the new site, everything worked fine apart from the photos on the front page which, for some reason, now look bobbins.

Oh, and the side menus decided to go awol too.

So many apologies for how rubbish everything currently looks. All the post images work fine when you click to read the post, and the front page is still wonky, but apart from that its a sleek, slender chocolate machine.

And don’t worry, loyal reader, EatTheTreat is now in it’s permanent home.

Craig A.

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