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Papita? What in the name of all things unholy is this?!?


I found this is my tuckshop box at work. My first thought was, “I really don’t fancy eating THAT.”

(Our work’s tuckshop box, for the vast majority of people on earth who don’t work where I do, is a vastly overpriced honesty-box of treats that gets delivered every week. It is labelled as a “charity chocolate box”, but if you read the small print on the lid it states that although the company do make yearly donations to the NSPCC, the proceeds of the box are taken by a franchisee, not actually donated to a charity.)

I’m so glad I invested though, albeit at the inflated price of 60p, because the Papita is a thing of chocolatey delight.

I love Twix. It’s the perfect mix of biscuit, caramel and chocolate.

The Papita would be better advertised as “A Twix Gone Wrong,” because it contains the same elements as a Twix, but in a different arrangement.


For starters, the biscuit is on the base and the outer-sides of the bar. There is caramel in the middle, just like a Twix, but the chocolate is only on top, It is all held in place by the overlapping biscuit at the side. Then, to top off the madness, they have sprinkled mini smarties on top too!

Although I was initially sceptical about how good it would be, (based entirely on the fact that everything except the name was in a language I couldn’t read and it was made by a company I had never heard of,) it is a great treat!

It isn’t worth 60p though, so if you see one in a shop for less than this, I recommend you pick one up.

Choc rating : 8 / 10

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