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Caleys Heroes Milk Chocolate
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This is very posh. As in VERY posh.


It’s a bar of milk chocolate, just like a Yorkie or a Dairy Milk, but it is so smooth it’s untrue.

You get 10 generously sized chunks in each bar, and each one has a perfect meltyness to it. I don’t even know if meltyness is a word. If it isn’t currently an actual word, it should be. Maybe Caleys can adopt it and ask the Oxford English Dictionary people to have the following entry added :

“Meltyness (noun) – The texture of a luxury chocolate, eg. a Caleys chocolate bar.”

There is no need for filling or topping, it is genuinely THAT good.

It has the words Cocoa Rich on the side along with the Fairtrade logo. But it also has another point of interest on the wrapper.


By buying a bar of Caleys chocolate, you will be contributing to Help the Heroes fund, a worthy cause in my opinion.

Great, tasty chocolate with a perfect meltyness.

Choc rating : 9 / 10

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