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Galaxy Caramel Egg
Categories: Chocolate Bar, Mars

The Galaxy Caramel Egg is a weird thing.


I like Galaxy chocolate and I like caramel. Technically, this should be something I really like.

But it’s shaped like an egg, making it impossible to grip.

I know the shape of chocolate shouldn’t affect how it tastes, but it’s such a genuinely awkward thing to hold I really didn’t enjoy eating it.

The caramel is quite a dark, rich one. The chocolate is the usual good quality Galaxy. The lack of grip is a huge downfall.

After eating it I had melted chocolate on my fingers, flecks of chocolate on my shirt and I needed a good wash.

Why don’t they just make “bars” of chocolate? Grrrrr!

Tasted good, but was a pain to eat.

Choc rating : 5 / 10

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