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Cadburys Caramel
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Cadbury Caramel is a deliciously smooth treat.


It is six sections of caramel-filed Cadburys chocolate. They are not “chunks” as such, but more individual smooth domes of caramel filling.

It used to be advertised on TV by a lady rabbit sat under a tree, who used to talk to a boy rabbit. She used to say, in an as seductive way as a rabbit can, “Take it eeeassyyy with Cadbury’s Caramel.”

Now I know what you’re thinking….. a talking rabbit?!? Cadburys had a TALKING RABBIT?!? Why didn’t Cadburys invest more time and money into investigating the possibility of developing their talking animals department? They could have been market leaders in operating animal-run chatlines, or animal-based events. These chatting animals, or Chatimals, could have been running companies and stuff!

If they had wisely invested part of their money in chocolate and part in teaching other animals to chat, maybe they wouldn’t have been bought out years down the line by Kraft.

Having said that, Kraft make Dairylea, so maybe they’ve already cornered the cattle-side of the talking animal market.

Anyway, talking chatimals, hypothetical theories and general waffle aside, all I know is Cadburys Caramel tastes great.

Choc Rating : 8 / 10

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