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Milky Wafer
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The Milky Wafer is a treat I found in Poundstretcher.


It is, by far, the longest snack I’ve eaten to date. At 25cm, it’s HUGE!


In fact, it’s the same length as two of my Chocolate Nemesis bars combined.


It wouldn’t surprise me if police often use them to control rioting crowds.


It is crispy wafer, like you get in a Taxi, covered in White chocolate. And despite being fuge*, it was the least expensive treat I’ve bought during this challenge. It was 19p.

Yes, 19p!

For less than £2.00 it IS possible to buy your own height in chocolate.

Taste-wise, it was great. Value for money, it is amazing.

Choc Rating : 10 / 10

*fuge = flippin’ huge.

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Milky Wafer, 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

2 Comments to “Milky Wafer”

  1. Elle says:

    I can buy my height for just 38p!!!

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    • craig says:

      I did think about buying 8 of them, celotaping them together, and attaching them to a wall. This way they could be used as a measuring device. Eventually stupid measurements like centimetres or inches would be outlawed, and people would be measured in “Milky Wafer”.

      “How tall are you?”

      “I’m 5.4 MWs”

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