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Malteesers…. in a bar?


On opening this treat, I was slightly repulsed. I like malteesers, I like chocolate in general, but this bar just looks like a really bad attack of some sort of boil-related skin disease. Lumpy, dotty, and in severe need of some ointment from the chemist.


But MY GOD it is a gorgeous bar of chocolate to eat!

After getting over the initial way it looks, and taking a bite into it, it is superb! Very much like a Nestle Crunch, in that the top is chocolate and the lower part has the filling, but whereas the Crunch has biscuit at the bottom this bar has shards of the customary Malteeser honeycombe filling.


Just the right amount of sections, right size, great taste… and I even forgave it for looking a bit like a medical disaster.

Absolutely delicious.

Choc Rating : 10 / 10

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