Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
Categories: Chocolate Bar, Kraft

The Daim bar, from Kraft.


I used to really like these, when they were called Dime bars. Back in the day, they were quite exciting. They were a new, crunchy, chocolate-coated bar of excitement. They were advertised on telly by Harry Enfield and an armadillo.

But I went off them. I precisely can’t remember why. I just remember liking them quite a lot, and then not liking them as much.

I think it’s because eating a Dime, er, sorry Daim bar, is like eating an exploding block of brittle plastic. Shards of toffee-flavoured splinters go everywhere. I no longer see it as exciting, I now see it as dangerous.

That might just be me becoming old though.

Choc rating : 4 / 10.

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