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Milky Bar Ghost
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Found this in my fridge…


Having a look on my Eat The Treat shelf in my fridge, (yes, I do have a genuine Eat The Treat shelf,) I came across this Milky Bar Ghost. I bought it to eat at Halloween last year, but it got buried under more and more bars of chocolate.

So rather than omit it from the list, I had to eat it and add it, just the 6 months late…


Removing the wrapped revealed a surprisingly happy ghost. If it was a real ghost, one that took part in hauntings and suchlike, it would be impossible to be scared of it.

Taste-wise, it was a Milky Bar. Lovely, creamy, faultless Nestle white chocolate.

Not scary in the slightest though, but not much of it for the price.

Choc Rating : 9 / 10

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