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Illiterate chocolate at its best!


The Dubble is a bar of chocolate I remember from years ago. I haven’t seen one for yonks. I’d forgotten what they taste like. It was purely by chance that I came to eat one. The office newbie at work found out I had a blog on which I am attempting to eat one of every bar of chocolate, so she made it her quest to find bars I hadn’t already eaten.

She did good! She found 3 bars within minutes! This, the Dubble, is the first one.

(In fact, she even bought me the one in the photo. Oh, and I’m sorry I called her the Office Newbie. Her real name is Sarah.)

Firstly, although this is a Cadburys chocolate bar, it doesn’t taste like the other generic Cadburys things. It is a bar of creamy Fairtrade goodness, similar in texture to the Milka bars, but with a thin layer of Rice Krispie-esque crunch buried within the lower half. It isn’t just the usual Cadburys chocolate reshaped into an amusing design, but an entirely different recipe.

It tastes gorgeous, and it best compared to a Nestle Crunch, another fine bar.

I don’t think they sell them everywhere, (if they did, they would probably be all I would eat,) so do grab one if you stumble across one.

Choc Rating : 10 / 10

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