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Vice Versas
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Are they milk chocolate in a white coating?


Vice Versas were originally around about 20 years ago, I think. I could be wrong. It could have been more recent than that. But you’re not here to read about my fading memory, are you? You’re here to read about treats!

They are either a milk chocolate button in a crispy white shell, or a white chocolate button in a milk-chocolate-colour shell. Each bag contains a mix of both.

I remember really liking these when I first ate them, (back in the olden days.) These new incarnations however don’t taste as nice as how I remember them. Either my tastebuds have changed over the previous two decades, or the recipe has changed. Possibly its a bit of both.

They’re alright, but I think I’d choose to buy something else if I had a choice.

Choc Rating : 4 / 10

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