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Not a Cadburys “Snack”, but a Cadburys “Snack!”image

They can’t have run out of names for chocolate bars, can they? Reusing an existing one but adding an exclamation mark just seems a little lazy.

This Snack! is quite a lot different to the Snack. For a start, it is in a pink packet whereas the Snack is in a yellow one. Secondly, this Snack! is like a single finger of a Time Out, not like the yellow one which is shortbready.

It is nice, but because it is so thin it probably takes an average of around 4 seconds to eat. (I only had one so I couldn’t work out an actual average by eating more than one.)

Plus, because it is so small it should have a retail value of around 8p, not 20p.

Choc Rating : 3 / 10.

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