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Tango Demolition Bar
Categories: Chocolate Bar

Orange Tango, in a bar of chocolate.


Whoever thought of combining the shape of a Yorkie with the insides of an Orange Aero had quite a good idea. Adding the popping candy was an odd move. It may make it appeal to school aged children, but it kind of puts a fully grown adult off it a bit.

It can be cool when you’re about 8, pouring popping candy into your mouth and letting it fizz, but it is not quite as acceptable when you’re sat at work trying to discretely eat one.

As it shaped like a Yorkie it can be a bit of a challenge to eat, especially if you have kept it in the fridge. So unless you dislike your teeth, I wouldn’t do that.

It is quite orangy though.

Choc Rating : 6 / 10

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