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Happy Anniversary Eat The Treat!
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8th April 2012 marks the anniversary of the first bar I ate for Eat The Treat.

A year ago today I ate a Toffee Crisp, one of my all time favourite bars of chocolate. Why not start with one I definitely like, I thought. The review, for you nostalgia fans, is here – Toffee Crisp

Over the last year and after eating and reviewing 125 different bars of chocolate, with quite a few still to go, I have undergone quite a few personal developments…

In August 2011, after having severe heart palpitations, I went to the doctor. He examined me and asked if I had been through any stressful events recently.

I replied, “no, no nothing major.”

“And how is work? Is that stressful?”

“No, I love my job.” (which I really do!)

“Any changes to your diet recently?”

“no….. Oh, apart from eating 40 different bars of chocolate over the last few months.”

“40 bars of chocolate?”

“40 different ones, yes. Its for a website. I’ve only got about another 80 to go.”

*cue puzzled look*

In April 2011 I weighed myself on the Wii balance board. I was in the “acceptable” range.

In Feb 2012, just 10 months after starting the challenge, I weighed myself on some speaking scales in a Tesco.

It said “One at a time please.”

In Feb 2012, while eating Bombay Mix, I cracked my tooth.

The dentist suggested that the Bombay Mix wasn’t to blame, but that my teeth may be being subjected to a highly sugary diet, thus weakening them all. She filled it, but its still painful because the root has rotted.

I’m due to have it extracted at the end of April.

On the upside, despite losing teeth and developing an ongoing heart condition, I regularly get sent freebies by PR companies working on behalf of chocolate companies!

Another childhood dream realised!

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  1. Natalia says:

    This looks soooo good – my only question is what is a dietsgive biscuit…from what I know of “real” English – cookie and biscuit are the same but I don’t know what a dietsgive cookie is. I’m so baffled that I want to make sure I read it right.

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