Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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Hello! 8th April 2012 marks the anniversary of the first bar I ate for Eat The Treat. A year ago today I ate a Toffee Crisp, one of my all time favourite bars of chocolate. Why not start with one I definitely like, I thought. The review, for you nostalgia fans, is here – Toffee […]


Creme Egg Twisted. A chocolatey tube of vomit. OK, calling it a tube of vomit may be a little harsh. I don’t like Creme Eggs which, if you have been reading my posts here over the last year or so, you may know. I once ate quite a few Creme Eggs in one go when […]

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Chick chick chick chick chicken… Its Easter again! Lets bring out hollow character chocolates! The Easter Chick, a sinister looking thing filled with mini smarties, is cool. It is trying to look nice and cute, but somehow it doesn’t manage it. When unwrapped, it looks a bit nicer. Unfortunately, to get to the mini smarties, […]


Erm…. its a Kinder Egg. Chocolate is lovely. Toys are also enjoyable. Kinder Eggs combine both of these things, so the Nestle Toto, a similar treat, MUST be good, mustn’t it? Well, no. Its a bit of a let down. Firstly, the chocolate it only one type of chocolate. Kinder Eggs give you milk chocolate […]