Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

It’s a massive star!!! Continuing the theme of “Chocolate you can’t hold”, Cadburys have released their Wishes bar. I think it originally came out a year or two ago, but this was the first time I had bought one. It IS nice, it’s just another odd shape for a chocolate. The Cadbury Wishes has normal […]

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Not as posh as the Fondant one… The Fry’s Orange Cream is a stick of dark chocolate which contains a strip of VERY orangey cream. I usually like taking a huge bite of chocolate bars, but one big bite of this left me tasting orange for about 20 minutes. It is VERY PURE ORANGEY. It […]

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Jameson’s Ruffle? Never heard of it… Apparently the Ruffle is one of my work colleagues favourite treats ever. I showed it to her, saying I’d just found another obscure chocolate bar, and she almost snatched it off me. Never seen them before myself, but apparently they are quite good, and so I was quite looking […]


Rice Krispies are brill. These came out a few years ago. They are just a block of glued-together Rice Krispies in a foil wrapper. I remember when I was young, a Rice Krispie cake, from my local cake shop, was 15p. Nowadays a similar cake would be about 50p. So these Rice Krispie Squares are […]


Imagine a yummy Dairy Milk filled with Turkish Delight type goo. If you’ve always fancied getting your hands on a bar of chocolate which combines both the best AND worst elements of treaty goodness, then look no further than the Dairy Milk Turkish. I presume that Cadburys had to restrict the name to Turkish, as […]


Freddo Frog! I like the idea of eating a chocolate frog, especially when he looks like this: I’m not sure why he is holding a mushroom between his legs, and I’m not sure I want to email Cadburys to ask. But look, he is! So I decided to eat him. I took a bite of […]


Another thing I haven’t seen since the 80s! I’ve always thought that the Frys Chocolate Cream was one of those posh chocolates. It stems from a belief I had when I was young. I had seen them in shops but was never allowed to have one. So 30 years later, when I saw them in […]


Galaxy chocolate AND cookies?!? You’d think that if you combine two of my favourite things, Galaxy chocolate AND cookies, you’d end up with a bar of chocolate that I like twice as much. Unfortunately, the addition of tiny pieces of crunchy cookie-flavoured biscuit adds nothing; if anything, they spoil a perfectly good bar of Galaxy. […]


Another of my childhood memories successfully eaten! When I was young, the Animal Bar was a great treat. I think my parents bought me these because it was cheaper than a Dairy Milk. It was more fun too, because each bar had some random animals on it. In the past I used to rub the […]