Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

Coconut is vile. Chocolate coated coconut is vilerer. It’s day 4 of Chocolate Nemesis week. Its bitty, it tastes nasty and it gets stuck in your teeth. Not just your front teeth, but your back teeth. You’ll find little pieces of bounty filling will just appear at random times through the preceding hours after eating […]


Day 3 of Chocolate Nemesis week. Pure sugar, anyone? Eating a Boost usually takes me over an hour. It tastes like eating pure sugar, and I can’t take more than a single bite of it’s overpowering sweetness at a time. The filling is quite bitty, as though most of the sugar hasn’t been mixed in […]

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Day 2 of Chocolate Nemesis Week, where I eat nothing but chocolate I loathe, and I bring you the Turkish Delight. “What?!?” and “Why?!?” were the first two questions that occurred to me after taking a bite of this. It is like eating warm jelly that tastes like flowers. Inside the Frys Turkish Delight is, […]


To start Nemesis week, where I eat nothing but chocolate I loathe, we have the awful Creme Egg. Man alive, I was SO not looking forward to this. The last time I experienced Creme Eggs was when I was about 6. I ate three consecutively and promptly vomited an eggy foam. How are you supposed […]


The Twix. Genius. One thing that bothered me a few years ago was this: If a two-finger pack is called a Twix, surely a single-finger should be called a Twick. I emailed Mars, who replied promptly stating that the correct term for a single-finger WAS a Twix bar, and the two-finger pack should actually be […]


Another great way for chocolate addicts to get one of their five-a-day. It is SO good. In fact, I could probably live on nothing but Toblerone fruit and nut for a good number of years, eating nothing but it’s nutty, fruity triangles. Fair enough, after a few weeks I might start to feel the effects […]


Cadburys finest crunchy (sic) chocolate bar. I hadn’t eaten a Cadburys chocolate bar for a while, and as this one was “best before June 11” I thought it a good idea to eat it quite soon. It is a very crunchy bar indeed. It’s almost entirely “crunch.” In fact, in that it is predominantly filling, […]


I thought this would be sickly, but it was ace! I’m glad to say that my initial prediction about the Kit Kat Senses bar was wrong. I hypothesised that, because it was a comparatively small bar and cost a comparatively high price, it would be overly sweet and overpowering in taste. But it wasn’t. It […]


The dark chocolate version of Caleys Heroes is equally as fine as the milk chocolate one. Dark chocolate always takes me much longer to eat than milk chocolate. It tastes much more rich, and I don’t want to rush it. As with the milk chocolate version, part of the proceeds from buying this bar go […]


Peeeehhhh-pah PIG! *oink oink* It’s a milk chocolate oval, on a stick. My first thought was that it tastes like “Calendar chocolate,” that ridiculously sweet treat you get in virtually all character calendars at Christmas. I checked and it is the very same Kinnerton chocolate in both. It’s not the kind if thing I wanted […]

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Nestle Crunch. Dangerous when refrigerated. I’ve had this one in stock for a week or so. By “in stock”, I don’t mean submerged in the juices of a roasted chicken carcass, I mean on the chocolate shelf in my fridge. Because it had been “fridged” for so long, it had hardened. Not hardened to normal […]


It’s a bar of chocolate, with Smarties on the INSIDE!!! What manner of witchcraft IS this?!? Its a bar of chocolate, but with Smarties INSIDE?!? I have to say I am mightily impressed with the Smartie Bar. It’s a good size bar and quite exciting to eat what with all the colours and stuff. Each […]


Have a break. Have a Kit Kat. Nestle: Probably not the best people to get employment advice from. “Why was I having an unscheduled break from work? Nestle recommended I should.” As a reply in a disciplinary meeting this is probably not a winner, so it would be best to avoid falling for catchy slogans […]

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I’d give my last Rolo to me. Rolos are individual pieces of chocolate, a bit like Dairy Milk Chocos, but with a caramel filling, very much unlike Dairy Milk Chocos. The adverts used to centre around giving your last Rolo to a loved one, with the tagline “Do you love anyone enough to give them […]


Ok, so I broke EatTheTreat… Over this last week, EatTheTreat got quite a large number of views. It ran sluggishly, and so I decided to move it onto another less populated server. I copied all the posts across from the old server to the new one, along with all the photos, comments, categories, stats….. it […]


Papita? What in the name of all things unholy is this?!? I found this is my tuckshop box at work. My first thought was, “I really don’t fancy eating THAT.” (Our work’s tuckshop box, for the vast majority of people on earth who don’t work where I do, is a vastly overpriced honesty-box of treats […]


The milkybars are on me! Actually, don’t be fooled. That was a joke. I’m not in a position to supply endless Milkybars, so don’t get in touch trying to claim yours. It is just not going to happen. The milkybar has been around for years and years. The original adverts are so old, they were […]


This is very posh. As in VERY posh. It’s a bar of milk chocolate, just like a Yorkie or a Dairy Milk, but it is so smooth it’s untrue. You get 10 generously sized chunks in each bar, and each one has a perfect meltyness to it. I don’t even know if meltyness is a […]