Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

ANOTHER free bar of chocolate! This bar was kindly donated by Chris, another colleague from work. I sometimes think my colleagues are trying to fatten me up for Christmas. (It is working, by the way. Since starting this Eat The Treat malarchy, I’ve put on about a stone in weight.) Chris asked me a while […]


Is it a Kinder Bueno, but with segments? No. I thought this was a bar of chocolate with segments that you could break off, but it wasn’t. It was three separate chocolates in a wrapper. In retrospect I should have paid more attention to the wrapper, as it is clearly printed on that there are […]


My my, that IS a lot of bubbles! Me, at first: FUN! THIS LOOKS LIKE FUN!!! Me, 2 minutes later: Oh, my mistake, it isn’t. It is nice chocolate, as I say for all Cadburys products, but yet again it’s just normal Cadburys chocolate in a different shape. This one is a bit like an […]


It a huge version of chocolate coin! So I was rummaging through my fridge recently and came across a few treats I had bought but hadn’t eaten. (Since starting Eat The Treat, and having to eat one of each type of chocolate, I had kind of gone off chocolate.) This was the first thing I […]


Illiterate chocolate at its best! The Dubble is a bar of chocolate I remember from years ago. I haven’t seen one for yonks. I’d forgotten what they taste like. It was purely by chance that I came to eat one. The office newbie at work found out I had a blog on which I am […]


Not a Cadburys “Snack”, but a Cadburys “Snack!” They can’t have run out of names for chocolate bars, can they? Reusing an existing one but adding an exclamation mark just seems a little lazy. This Snack! is quite a lot different to the Snack. For a start, it is in a pink packet whereas the […]


A Lolly treat! Im celebration of The Olympics, Cadburys have unleashed quite a few Olympic themed treats. This one, the Olympic Lolly, is a shaped chocolate figure on a stick. Thats pretty much it. As with many things that Cadburys seem to make, (Dairy Milk, Freddos, Flakes, Tasters, Wispas, Buttons, Chocolate Mascots, Easter Eggs,) it […]


Olympic themed Dairy Milk Chocolate? The idea behind the Dairy Milk Postcard is that you can buy it and show your support to the UK Olympic and UK Paralympic teams. I opened the box and was greeted by….. a freepost postcard! I turned it over to find out what I had to do. The postcard […]

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I should really have eaten these BEFORE Christmas… Cadbury Snow Bites are a bit like Chocolate M%M’s, or Minstrels, in that they are a chocolate centre with a crispy shell. But then, in a bizarre twist, they have a coating of REAL SNOW! No, no I’m just kidding. It isn’t snow, its icing sugar, but […]


One of your 5 a day? Maybe? The Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut is a bar of wholesome Dairy Milk, with semi-healthy things in it. I like raisins, especially when they are encased in chocolate. I sort of like nuts too, but it wasn’t until doing this Eat The Treat thing that I realised I […]


The Wispa Gold! Nice, and back for good! The Wispa Gold was originally launched in 1995, but discontinued. Then it was re-launched in 2009, but discontinued in 2010. But now it is BACK! Again! Hoorah!!!! I kept my Wispa Gold in the fridge for a few days before temptation kicked in. I finally buckled and […]


Oh, its a Christmas Elf! The Magical Elves chocolate bar is a seasonal treat in the shape of an Elf. Is it just an Elf version of a Freddo, I heart you ask… No, no it is far far beret than that. This bar also contains popping candy too! Shape-wise, it is quite Elfy, I […]


It’s a massive star!!! Continuing the theme of “Chocolate you can’t hold”, Cadburys have released their Wishes bar. I think it originally came out a year or two ago, but this was the first time I had bought one. It IS nice, it’s just another odd shape for a chocolate. The Cadbury Wishes has normal […]


Imagine a yummy Dairy Milk filled with Turkish Delight type goo. If you’ve always fancied getting your hands on a bar of chocolate which combines both the best AND worst elements of treaty goodness, then look no further than the Dairy Milk Turkish. I presume that Cadburys had to restrict the name to Turkish, as […]


Freddo Frog! I like the idea of eating a chocolate frog, especially when he looks like this: I’m not sure why he is holding a mushroom between his legs, and I’m not sure I want to email Cadburys to ask. But look, he is! So I decided to eat him. I took a bite of […]

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Cadbury Buttons – Compulsory food for the under 5s. Cadbury Buttons have been around for years. I remember eating them when I was a youngster, over 30 years ago. It only occurred to me recently that they are just splats of melted Dairy Milk chocolate. I know this seems blatantly obvious to an onlooker but […]


Cadburys does great chocolate. The Twirl is a gorgeous mix of Cadburys milk chocolate and, well, air. It really is just airated milk chocolate, like a flake in a coat in effect. I do also like chocolate where you get two bars; it always feels as though you get more for your money and in […]


A feast-full of peanuts, caramel and raisins. The Picnic chocolate bat contains nuts, raisins and caramel. These are not items usually associated with traditional outdoor picnics which, I suppose, is a good thing. If the Picnic bar contained actual picnic items, your chocolate bar would be crammed full of bread, salad and cheese. Although I’m […]