Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

A Lolly treat! Im celebration of The Olympics, Cadburys have unleashed quite a few Olympic themed treats. This one, the Olympic Lolly, is a shaped chocolate figure on a stick. Thats pretty much it. As with many things that Cadburys seem to make, (Dairy Milk, Freddos, Flakes, Tasters, Wispas, Buttons, Chocolate Mascots, Easter Eggs,) it […]

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GOLD! Always believe in your sooouulll…. I found these in my fridge. I must have bought them a few months ago and buried them beneath other, more exciting bars. I’ve always associated chocolate coins with cheap chocolate, so I was pleased to see that these were official Cadburys ones. The Chocolate Coins, for those who […]

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Peanuts and chocolate. Again? Peanut M&M’s are a single peanut, coated in chocolate, and encased in a crispy shell. The shells each have a single letter M on them, presumably to differentiate them from other similarly marketed sugar-coated lentil-shaped products. (Yes, “sugar-coated lentil-shaped products” is how they are actually referred to by the people who […]

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Nibbles? Caramel? I like BOTH of those! I didn’t know what to expect when I got a packet of Caramel Nibbles. The picture wasn’t too clear. Would they be individual sections of Cadburys Caramel like you get in Cadburys Heroes? Would they be randomly shaped blobs of chocolate with a saramel filling? Surprisingly, they were […]


One of your 5 a day? Maybe? The Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut is a bar of wholesome Dairy Milk, with semi-healthy things in it. I like raisins, especially when they are encased in chocolate. I sort of like nuts too, but it wasn’t until doing this Eat The Treat thing that I realised I […]


The Wispa Gold! Nice, and back for good! The Wispa Gold was originally launched in 1995, but discontinued. Then it was re-launched in 2009, but discontinued in 2010. But now it is BACK! Again! Hoorah!!!! I kept my Wispa Gold in the fridge for a few days before temptation kicked in. I finally buckled and […]


Another of my childhood memories successfully eaten! When I was young, the Animal Bar was a great treat. I think my parents bought me these because it was cheaper than a Dairy Milk. It was more fun too, because each bar had some random animals on it. In the past I used to rub the […]


A feast-full of peanuts, caramel and raisins. The Picnic chocolate bat contains nuts, raisins and caramel. These are not items usually associated with traditional outdoor picnics which, I suppose, is a good thing. If the Picnic bar contained actual picnic items, your chocolate bar would be crammed full of bread, salad and cheese. Although I’m […]


It’s a wiggly chocolatey world of fun. The Curly Wurly is a childhood favourite of mine. When I was young, they were 10p and huge. The chocolate strands, (were they the “Curly” part or the “Wurly” part? I never was sure,) used to be quite random. You would get sections that were a little sparse […]

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It’s just Dairy Milk chocolate… They are very nice! You get quite a few in a pack, but I didn’t look to see if you get the equivalent weight as a Dairy Milk bar. I hope you do. It’d be a bit of a con if it cost the same but weighed less, just because […]


Ooooosh! This is great! I wasn’t a fan of the original Mars bar, unless it was sliced up into bite-sized pieces. But this, THIS is a whole new experience that I genuinely like! It is so chocolately, it can be excused for having no “crunch” to it. It isn’t just chocolate, it is TRIPLE CHOCOLATE! […]

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Maltesers are like little bubbles of cruchyness. Whenever I take a photo of the treat I’m eating, I always follow a few rules. Firstly, the photo has to show the treat open in my hand. Secondly, the photo has to be taken at an artistic, slightly tilted angle. Finally, the treat has to be slightly […]

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Mars’s signature bar. I’m not keen on Mars bars. Well, not in their default “chocolate bar” state. They are too similar to Milky Ways, another chocolate bar I don’t particularly like. I like chocolate and I like caramel, so technically I like 66% of the ingredients, but I prefer bars that have some form of […]

Dairy Milk. Simple. Cadbury’s signature chocolate bar is really simple, yet really good. It’s a 6-section bar of normal Cadbury milk chocolate. It’s the same chocolate that covers all Cadburys products, but a purer form without all that unnecessary filling. On the whole I do prefer chocolate bars with filling, but every so often it’s […]