Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

I can’t describe how much I dislike peanuts in chocolate bars. So for day 5 of Chocolate Nemesis Week, it seemed only right I ate something I really disliked. I say I dislike it, but in all honesty I’ve never had one before. I just know I dislike peanuts in chocolate, and that alone is […]


Coconut is vile. Chocolate coated coconut is vilerer. It’s day 4 of Chocolate Nemesis week. Its bitty, it tastes nasty and it gets stuck in your teeth. Not just your front teeth, but your back teeth. You’ll find little pieces of bounty filling will just appear at random times through the preceding hours after eating […]


Day 3 of Chocolate Nemesis week. Pure sugar, anyone? Eating a Boost usually takes me over an hour. It tastes like eating pure sugar, and I can’t take more than a single bite of it’s overpowering sweetness at a time. The filling is quite bitty, as though most of the sugar hasn’t been mixed in […]

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Day 2 of Chocolate Nemesis Week, where I eat nothing but chocolate I loathe, and I bring you the Turkish Delight. “What?!?” and “Why?!?” were the first two questions that occurred to me after taking a bite of this. It is like eating warm jelly that tastes like flowers. Inside the Frys Turkish Delight is, […]


To start Nemesis week, where I eat nothing but chocolate I loathe, we have the awful Creme Egg. Man alive, I was SO not looking forward to this. The last time I experienced Creme Eggs was when I was about 6. I ate three consecutively and promptly vomited an eggy foam. How are you supposed […]