Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

The final day of International Eat The Treat week sees the Eat More bar rearing it’s snacky head. This surprised me as it contained no chocolate. Instead it is a mix of treacle and nuts. It isn’t a dark tasty treacle, but a mild, chewy type with shards of nuts generously mixed in. When combined […]


Another peanut-based International chocolate bar. Is that ALL they eat?!? This is, again, great! International chocolate bars are so much better than the tame UK counterparts. It’s a firm peanut butter, with pieces of peanut inside, topped with caramel and coated in chocolate. It’s really good! Now, I know what you’re thinking. For someone who […]


Day 3 of International Chocolate week! Hoorah for Canada and Hoorah for my mate Canadian Dave (from Lancashire). It’s the size of a King Size Mars, bit it’s just a big Milky Way. I wanted more from my third international chocolate bar. I didn’t just want a copycat Milky Way. I also didn’t want peanuts, […]


Day 2 of International Chocolate week! Today, the Oh Henry! bar! Not sure what to say about this, other than GOOD LORD, THAT IS A BAR OF RELENTLESS PEANUTS! Man alive, you take a bite and peanuts come pouring out at you! Each mouthful had at LEAST 5 whole peanuts in it! It’s like a […]


Day 1 of International Chocolate week brings us the Mr. Big bar! The Mr. Big bar, given to me by a Canadian friend Dave Langin, is just like a lion bar, but it’s the size of a truncheon. In fact, remember the Milky Wafer review I did? It is almost as long as that. It […]