Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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Mars’s signature bar. I’m not keen on Mars bars. Well, not in their default “chocolate bar” state. They are too similar to Milky Ways, another chocolate bar I don’t particularly like. I like chocolate and I like caramel, so technically I like 66% of the ingredients, but I prefer bars that have some form of […]


The Cadburys Wispa is just chocolate. a href=””> But it doesn’t taste like “just” chocolate. It tastes like…. fluffyness. It is almost as though it has been so thoroughly whipped, it no longer remembers what it should taste like. In fact, Wispas taste cold. It’s that light, it actually tastes cold. I hope that makes […]


The red car and the blue car had a race… …unfortunately the Red Car and the Blue Car were racing towards something horrific. When I was young, Milky Ways were a single, chunky bar. Nowadays you get two more slender bars per pack. I don’t really like Milky Ways. I don’t like things that attach […]

The Flyte is ok, I suppose… It’s basically a thin Milky Way which, amazingly, is also made by Mars. It has a reputation for being diet chocolate. It tastes like normal chocolate but isn’t as fattening. I don’t understand things like diet chocolate. They make as much sense to me as caffeine-free coffee, or alcohol-free […]