Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

My eggy nemesis returns for round 2. I reviewed a Creme Egg a few months back. I didn’t like it because it attacked me. I haven’t liked Creme Eggs since, in my youth, I ate 3 in quick succession and was sick. Not just sick, but SICK. Sick on such a grand scale that the […]

The Galaxy Caramel Egg is a weird thing. I like Galaxy chocolate and I like caramel. Technically, this should be something I really like. But it’s shaped like an egg, making it impossible to grip. I know the shape of chocolate shouldn’t affect how it tastes, but it’s such a genuinely awkward thing to hold […]

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It’s a massive rattling, rabbit-faced bauble. If you like mini smarties, and who doesn’t, then you’ll love the Smartie Bunny. Think of it like a hollow chocolate egg filled with mini smarties. Actually, when I say filled, I mean containing 14 of the worlds smallest smarties. When I was young I used to like eating […]

Kinder Eggs are amazing! I’ve listed the Kinder Egg as a bar, not a packet, because you only get one. I always think a packet of sweets would provide you with more than one sweet, and obviously only one egg is supplied. Kinder chocolate is amazing. It’s a lovely combination of milk and White chocolate. […]