Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

The Double Decker is one beast of a bar. For starters it’s the size of a small, slender paving slab. I don’t have the wrapper to hand at the moment, as I ate this a couple of hours ago, but I’ll wager it weighs about 2 stone. It’s also quite packed with filling too; the […]


A Big Race?!? How FUN!!! The Big Race bar is another version of the Spots vs Stripes bar (not yet reviewed on here but widely available.) It is supposed to inspire people to become competitive by picking a side (spots or stripes) and compete in mini competitions. On the inside of each wrapper is a […]


The Twix. Genius. One thing that bothered me a few years ago was this: If a two-finger pack is called a Twix, surely a single-finger should be called a Twick. I emailed Mars, who replied promptly stating that the correct term for a single-finger WAS a Twix bar, and the two-finger pack should actually be […]


Have a break. Have a Kit Kat. Nestle: Probably not the best people to get employment advice from. “Why was I having an unscheduled break from work? Nestle recommended I should.” As a reply in a disciplinary meeting this is probably not a winner, so it would be best to avoid falling for catchy slogans […]

The Milkybar Raisin and Biscuit. It combines two of my favourite things; Milkybar and biscuit. Judging by this site, you can probably guess that I don’t eat that much fruit. I don’t mind raisins, but prefer chocolate coated ones. It’s quite a creamy chocolate, as Milkybar usually is, and you get an adequate amount of […]