Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

Has Aero shrunk over the last few years, or do I have fat hands? When I picked this up, I thought I’d grabbed a “fun sized*” one. Compared to the size they used to be, it’s really skinny. It’s as though the chocolate itself has been on a diet. It used to be a bar […]

Cadbury Caramel is a deliciously smooth treat. It is six sections of caramel-filed Cadburys chocolate. They are not “chunks” as such, but more individual smooth domes of caramel filling. It used to be advertised on TV by a lady rabbit sat under a tree, who used to talk to a boy rabbit. She used to […]

Yorkie. Solid, chocolate bricks. Yorkie, the chocolate bar, has been around for years. When I was at primary school, Yorkie was the grown-ups chocolate. There used to be 6 massive blocks to it, each with a different letter atop each chunk, which would spell out YORKIE. Nowadays however, although it’s still a beast of a […]

A finger of fudge is just enough? …Yes, I suppose it is. It’s ok as a small, chewy snack, and would be an ample amount to “give your kids a treat.” It is chocolate coated creamy fudge, and is totally tasty. And at 17p it’s a bargain too. (However, at the back of my mind […]