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Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…

How did I miss THIS one!?! The Galaxy is a superb bar of chocolate that, having searched through my previous reviews, I seem to have omitted. I haven’t purposely avoided it, I just seem to have eaten every type of Galaxy related chocolate except the proper bar itself. Galaxy Bunnies, Galaxy Bites, Galaxy Minstrels… EVERYTHING […]


Posher Rice Krispie cakes? The Rice Kripsie Squares have been out for a good few years, so seeing these Rocky Road versions in shops was a nice treat. For those of you who have never experienced a Rice Krispie Square, they are a rectangle (yes, I know,) of Rice Krispies, held together with melted marshmallow. […]


A pair of chocolate… things. As the Olympics are due to start here in the UK very shortly, many companies have decided to produce Olympic themed treats. Cadburys have produced a few things. I reviewed the Cadbury Postcard a few months ago and their latest Olympic treat is, or are, these mascots. You get them […]


Kit Kay Chunky. Just a normal one. With all the buzz of eating the different flavoured Kit Kat Chunkys a few months ago, (and I’m still unhappy about the fact that the Peanut Butter one won,) I completely forgot about the normal one. It is just a single chunky bar of normal kit kat. This […]


Aero Orange, with lumpy bubbles. I prefer Aero Orange to any other type of Aero. Aero Green is ok, just a little too fresh. Normal Aero is like eating a less whipped Wispa. Aero Orange is just right. This has such perfectly sized bites too. I think if I were to be stuck on a […]

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Hello! 8th April 2012 marks the anniversary of the first bar I ate for Eat The Treat. A year ago today I ate a Toffee Crisp, one of my all time favourite bars of chocolate. Why not start with one I definitely like, I thought. The review, for you nostalgia fans, is here – Toffee […]


Creme Egg Twisted. A chocolatey tube of vomit. OK, calling it a tube of vomit may be a little harsh. I don’t like Creme Eggs which, if you have been reading my posts here over the last year or so, you may know. I once ate quite a few Creme Eggs in one go when […]

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Chick chick chick chick chicken… Its Easter again! Lets bring out hollow character chocolates! The Easter Chick, a sinister looking thing filled with mini smarties, is cool. It is trying to look nice and cute, but somehow it doesn’t manage it. When unwrapped, it looks a bit nicer. Unfortunately, to get to the mini smarties, […]


Erm…. its a Kinder Egg. Chocolate is lovely. Toys are also enjoyable. Kinder Eggs combine both of these things, so the Nestle Toto, a similar treat, MUST be good, mustn’t it? Well, no. Its a bit of a let down. Firstly, the chocolate it only one type of chocolate. Kinder Eggs give you milk chocolate […]


I love Twix! I hate Peanut Butter! Twix, for me, is the perfect chocolate bar. Just the right amount of biscuit, caramel and chocolate and just the right size. I love them. It already got a 10 out of 10 on Eat The Treat, the UKs leading chocolate review site*, so I don’t understand why […]


Everyone loves Magical Trev….. er…. The Magical Milk from Lindt is a baton of goodness. I found this hiding in my local cheap shop, a shop I have described in an earlier post. They sell things that are either imported or near the end of their shelf life. This had been imported, but had the […]


Peanut Snap! While doing this challenge I discovered that I DO like peanuts in chocolate. Since primary school I had been convinced otherwise and hadn’t bought a peanutty bar in about 25 years. How bad can this be? Well, I didn’t like this at first. Its just peanuts held together by syruppy sugar. No chocolate, […]

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Two fingers of de-lishness! Years ago there was Cadburys Caramel. It was a six segment bar of chocolate, produced by Cadburys and advertised by a rabbit. Each section contained a caramel filling. The people who make Galaxy, (that would be the people at Mars,) obviously wanted a piece of the caramel action and had to […]


Its big and its American. It can only be the Hersheys bar! This was a gift from a friend who goes by the name of GiddySausage on Twitter. I do know him in real life too, I don’t just accept chocolate from random strangers*. (*actually, I do.) Here in the UK, chocolate bars are quite […]


Olympic themed Dairy Milk Chocolate? The idea behind the Dairy Milk Postcard is that you can buy it and show your support to the UK Olympic and UK Paralympic teams. I opened the box and was greeted by….. a freepost postcard! I turned it over to find out what I had to do. The postcard […]


Final day of Kit Kat Chunky week. The Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter is an atrocity. WHY would ANYONE want to, first of all, eat peanut butter and secondly make a bar of chocolate with it? Anyone? I opened this, knowing I despise peanut butter. It didn’t disappoint. It tasted horrible. Admittedly, the first bite […]


Day 3 of the Kit Kat Chunkys… I find orange chocolate is quite hit and miss. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I can’t stand it. I can’t face eating a Terrys Chocolate Orange, but an Aero Orange presents me no problems. But the Kit Kat Chunky Orange is very nice. As with all the Chunkies, […]


A white chocolate Kit Kat? Before I opened it, I imagined the Kit Kat Chunky White Choc to be quite sickly. White chocolate is always lovely until you combine it with other things, at which point I stop liking it. This, however, is something special. I could eat this again and again. (Not the same […]