Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
What is Eat The Treat?


I eat chocolate.  Aside from things with nuts, there isn’t much chocolate I wouldn’t like.  If it has caramel, raisins, biscuits, wafer, honeycomb, whatever…. I would probably like it.

As I like the majority of things in sweet shops, I thought I’d try to eat at least one of every item that sweet shops sold.  After all, I already like them.

Eat The Treat is a list of treats I’ve eaten.  With each post, I’ll also include photographic proof.


When I want chocolate, I usually buy a Twix.  I already know I like Twix, so it seems like a safe bet.  I even recommend a Twix to people at work who ask me for ideas of what to eat when they themselves are out of ideas.  

But if I were to tell people that Twix was the best chocolate bar out there, limiting myself to the one option without even trying the others, it wouldn’t be qualified opinion.  It’s all I’ve ever known, so of COURSE I’m going to recommend it.  How could I possibly say something it better than something else when I haven’t even tried the something else?


I already eat a lot of snacks every day.  Whenever I want a snack, rather than eat my “usual thing”, I’ll just eat “a different thing.”


Eating – usually at work, but I’ll put pics here every time I eat ANYTHING snacky.  (Snacky is any type of chocolate bar or sweets)


I’m on twitter as @anothercraig, or on email at


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