Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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If you fancy saying hello or sending suggestions for what to eat next, please do! I’d love to hear from you!

You could send me a message twitter. I’m @anothercraig.

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(However, if you are from a marketing company and you are trying to sell advertising to me, I am highly unlikely to want to buy any. You see, my site doesn’t make any money. It IS incredibly popular and has a few hundred people read it every day, but it isn’t a shop, I don’t sell anything here, it isn’t heavily bogged down with adverts, I don’t get affiliate payments… It just isn’t designed to make money and so there is no benefit to me paying for any adverts. It was designed solely for the purpose of me writing reviews of treats that I have eaten. If you email me trying to sell me advertising space, I will have fun emailing you back, but you won’t make any money from me.)

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