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Its big and its American. It can only be the Hersheys bar!


This was a gift from a friend who goes by the name of GiddySausage on Twitter. I do know him in real life too, I don’t just accept chocolate from random strangers*.

(*actually, I do.)

Here in the UK, chocolate bars are quite small. To me, the Hersheys bar is a big bar of excitement. The first time I saw a Hershey bar would have been in an American film. In fact, the first time I heard about M&Ms was in ET – they didn’t sell M&Ms in the UK until the early to mid 90s. I don’t think they sold Hershey bars over here until about that time too.

Whenever I see a Hershey bar, I do find it quite exciting. Not in a physical way. I’m not going to start jumping around in giddiness or anything. I just see it as a “newer” bar, having not grown up with them.

It is a solid block of sectional chocolate pieces, and it doesn’t have that familiar UK Milk Chocolate taste. It tastes slightly of Nutella, which is a good thing.

Nice bar to eat, and thanks to Chris for supplying it!

Choc Rating : 8 / 10

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  1. smalltown says:

    Dear lord, that was what I grew up with! Oddly, wouldn’t touch one now.

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