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Creme Egg Twisted
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Creme Egg Twisted. A chocolatey tube of vomit.


OK, calling it a tube of vomit may be a little harsh. I don’t like Creme Eggs which, if you have been reading my posts here over the last year or so, you may know. I once ate quite a few Creme Eggs in one go when I was young, and was promptly sick in a foamy, sugary way.

I love Cadbury’s chocolate in general, I’m just not a fan and I don’t get the appeal of Creme Eggs.

So, the Creme Egg Twisted…

I took a bite expecting not to like it. The bite I took was far too small, and I only got a shaving of chocolate. The second bite, unfortunately, did contain filling. Ewwwww. It wasn’t as bad as a Creme Egg, but only because I got a lot less filling in one bite than you do in a real Creme Egg.

If putting less filling in improves the overall product, then why not take it out completely? I’d prefer that!

You could make a hollow tube of chocolate and call it a “Creme Egg Surprise” – the surprise being it contains no Creme Egg.

So, as expected, I didn’t like the Creme Egg Twisted. I did like the chocolate shaving I got when I took a wimpy bite at first, but the filling still reminds me of sick.

Choc Rating : 1 / 10.

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