Eat The Treat
Attempting to eat one of each kind of treat…
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Erm…. its a Kinder Egg.


Chocolate is lovely. Toys are also enjoyable. Kinder Eggs combine both of these things, so the Nestle Toto, a similar treat, MUST be good, mustn’t it?


Well, no. Its a bit of a let down. Firstly, the chocolate it only one type of chocolate. Kinder Eggs give you milk chocolate on the outside and a creamy white chocolate on the inside. This is just Nestle chocolate. It’s nice, as Nestle chocolate usually is, but its just not as exciting without the two-tone chocolate.


The toy was rubbish too. In trying to insert my bikes back axle, I ended up snapping a wheel off rendering the bike useless. Yes, I know it is already technically useless in that the bike was the size of a couple of sugar cubes, but if I had owned a flea circus or something, and had told a flea that I was getting them a bike, imagine the disappointment THEY would have felt on Christmas day.

Not as good as a Kinder Egg, in my opinion.

Choc Rating : 4 / 10
Toy Rating : 2 / 10

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